3 Methods for Apple Gift Cards Balance Check In 2023

3 Methods for Apple Gift Cards Balance Check In 2023

Sure, here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to check the balance of an Apple Gift Cards:

Method 1: Online

Access the Apple Gift Cards Page:

Locate the Balance Check Section:

  • Scroll down the page until you find the section titled “Check Your Apple Gift Card Balance.” This section should be visible without having to scroll too far.

Enter Card Details:

  • On the balance check section, you’ll see a text field where you need to input your Apple Gift Card information.
  • Grab your Apple Gift Card and turn it over. Look for a 16-digit code printed on the back. This is your gift card code.
  • Carefully scratch off the protective coating to reveal the PIN code, which is usually a 6- or 8-digit number.

Input the Codes:

  • Type the 16-digit gift card code into the first field on the webpage.
  • If your gift card has a PIN, type it into the second field. If not, you can leave this field blank.

Check Balance:

  • After entering the codes, click on the “Check Balance” button. This will initiate the balance check process.

View Your Balance:

  • The webpage will display the remaining balance on your Apple Gift Card. This will be shown in the currency associated with your card.

Method 2: Using the Apple Store App

Open the App:

  • Unlock your iOS device and locate the Apple Store app. It’s usually represented by a blue icon with a white letter “A.”

Access the Redeem Section:

  • Open the app and scroll down to the bottom of the main page. You’ll find a section labeled “Redeem.” Tap on it.

Scan or Enter Code:

  • In the “Redeem” section, you’ll have the option to “Use Camera” to scan your gift card or “You can also enter your code manually.” Choose the method you prefer.
  • If you’re using the camera, hold your device over the gift card’s barcode until it’s recognized. If entering manually, type in the 16-digit code from the back of your gift card.

Enter PIN (If Applicable):

  • If your gift card has a PIN, you’ll be prompted to enter it. Type in the PIN carefully.

View Balance:

  • Once you’ve entered the required information, the app will display the remaining balance on your Apple Gift Card.

Method 3: Contact Apple Support

If you encounter difficulties with the above methods, you can always reach out to Apple Support for assistance. Visit the official Apple Support website ( and search for information on how to check your gift card balance. You can also contact them directly through the provided contact options.

Remember that the specifics of these steps might change based on updates to Apple’s systems and interfaces, so make sure to follow the most up-to-date instructions provided on their official platforms.

3 Methods for Apple Gift Cards Balance Check In 2023

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